Even the layman that heard Opposition Leader in National Assembly Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan speaking after Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao's address to the Parliament's joint sitting questioned that what was the logic of telling the visiting guest that "we cannot rise early in the morning." One of our readers after listing to the speech of the Opposition Leader literally called this scribe to ask why he said on floor of the House that "it was the historic moment as the Parliamentarians were in session so early in the morning and it was only because of you Mr Prime Minister." The questioner could only be responded with a guess that Khan, perhaps wanted to reveal the secret of our nation that, according to him, it was nothing but a lethargic nation. Ironically, it was sheer negation of the repeated remarks by the visiting dignitary who described Pakistanis as respectful for being hardworking. The Opposition Leader himself appeared realising that he had given a nave statement that he tried cover up by saying that the "parliamentarians have gathered from every nook and corner of the country that early in the morning to great you (the Chinese Premier)." Working hard is nothing less than a religion in China. That is why they embark upon a thousand miles journey saying that it starts with the first step. That could be one of the reasons, among others, why Holy Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him had said, "acquire knowledge even if you have to go to China." This way the assurance that the Opposition Leader gave to the Chinese Prime Minister was that "we shall follow the advice you gave us," he himself had wronged. We as Pakistanis hardly go by the valuable advice, which was verifiable from a number of anecdotal evidences from the history of none else but Pak-China friendship. The reader who was weird of the Opposition Leader's statement about the Parliament being in session so early in the morning himself served in the Army and worked on Chinese-funded projects. "It was mid-seventies," he said, "we (the Engineering Corps of the Army) had completed construction of a bridge on River Indus near Dasu with the Chinese assistance. A Chinese military delegation headed by nothing less than a general was supposed to arrive for the inauguration ceremony. An entire delegation including the high-ranking army officers came from China on an ordinary military truck that the Pakistani side initially perceived, as it was reconnaissance mission ahead of the delegation. Eventually, we come to know that it was the actual delegation in that truck." He further narrated that Pakistani side had arranged lavish food including fish and chicken etc. The Chinese ranging from soldier to the General just picked up plates and poured in some rice, sat on rocks and washed the dishes in the river after eating them. When their attention was drawn to the rest of the food, they said they had enough of it. More important was the advice they gave to their hosts was that the money spent on that food could have been spent on the construction of a couple of kilometres of the road. Had Pakistanis gone by that highly valuable advice from the Chinese soldiers some 35 years back, our Opposition Leader today would not have said that holding of the Parliament's session early in the morning was "a laborious task." Of late the Chinese engineers had advised Pakistan to tackle the issue of Attabad Lake in Hunza timely with their technical assistance. But as per our routine we seldom bothered about the piece of advice from our "time-tested friend" and eventually ended up with an impending disaster putting a number of people's life at risk.