ISLAMABAD (APP) Kinght-Wallace Fellowships at Michigan is offering fellowship for International full-time journalists, with a minimum five years professional experience, and whose work appears regularly as an employee or freelancer; Print, broadcast, photo, documentary and Internet journalists. Journalists who are eligible for Knight Wallace Fellowship may mention all positions held since completing formal education, beginning with current employment and following this order Employee Dates, Title, Immediate, Supervisor, Annual Salary. With application more than 1,500 words, examine the intellectual and social values that shape work as a journalist. In Project study plane work samples should be accompanied. Print journalists send up to five articles or photographs. At least three of these samples should be from past two years. Clippings must be dated and legible. Mount entries or photocopies flat on 8 + x 11.Editors or managers who might find it difficult to send writing samples, should instead include a typed statement of up to 500 words, describing their work and their approach to it. Broadcast journalists send DVDs or CDs with examples of work. Maximum viewing or listening time should be one-half hour and should inclu disk, including date aired, and a typed statement of up to 500 words describing your work, including major programs for which you have been responsible. Online journalists submit samples equivalent to five print articles or 30 minutes of programming.Include a brief typed description of your involvement in each piece. Four letters of reference are required. One professional letter of reference, one personal letter of reference, a confidential letter from immediate supervisor including ualifications for a Knight-Wallace Fellowship. A letter from employer supporting application and granting a leave for the academic year if journalist is offered a fellowship. Emails and faxes will be received by February 1, 2011. Mailed letters should be postmarked no later than February 1, 2011.