ISLAMABAD - The country may not achieve wheat production target this year mainly due to bad governance, as the fertilizer mafia is charging prices on its own from the farmers and there is no authority present to control them. Contrary to the claims of the Government that every thing is under control, the prices of fertilizers have increased in the market due to artificial shortage created by the traders. Only the price of DAP has gone up Rs 600 per bag within a few weeks. Now the same is happening with the urea fertilizer and its is not being sold on the controlled rates and every trader is charging prices according to his own will and minting money from the innocent farmers. Besides fertilizer, seed mafia is also openly looting the farmers and the Government is totally absent from the scene to save them from atrocities. The Nation has already reported that seed price that was supposed to be Rs 1,600 per 40 kilograms, was available at more than Rs 2,200. Some representatives of farmers while talking to The Nation said that other elements that might affect wheat production this year are late sowing of wheat, no rains, high prices of diesel and non-availability of electricity for tube wells. A representative of farmers said that the fertilizers price issue could be solved if the Government could have make it mandatory for the manufacturers to print price tags on the bag. He said that then the exploitation could have been controlled to a certain level but the Government did not pay any heed towards the repeated call of framers. Even the urea fertilizer, that is produced locally, does not have price tag on it thus providing the room for corruption to the traders and manufacturers. The Government must take decision to print price tags on the bags if it really wants to save the farmers from the exploitation, they demanded.