ISLAMABAD - The Central Power Purchasing Agency Guarantee Limited (CPPA-G) has sought an increase of Rs 4.3329 per unit in power tariff on account of monthly fuel charges adjustment (FCA) for November 2021.

Following a massive increase of Rs 4.75 per unit from NEPRA, on account of monthly FCA for October, the CPPA has submitted another petition seeking another huge hike for November as well.

In a petition submitted to NEPRA, on the behalf of power distribution companies (XWDISOCs),the CPPA-G said that for the month of November the reference fuel charges from the consumers were Rs 3.7381 per unit while the actual fuel cost was Rs 8.071 per unit. Therefore it should be allowed to pass the increase of Rs 4.3329 per unit to the consumers. Due to decrease in hydle, wind, baggase and solar generation expensive fuel such as HSD, Furnace Oil and expensive LNG was used during October which had raised the generation cost to almost Rs 10 per unit. It is worth to mention here that the cost of electricity generation was Rs 7.6816 per unit in September. 

It is worth to mention that cost of electricity generation was Rs7.6816 per unit in September 

Due to reduce demand in November, the generation of electricity had decreased by 29.09 percent from 11296.23 GWh in October to 8481.74 GWh in November.

The CPPA-G further said the total energy generated during November was 8481  GWh, at the total cost of Rs 53.627bn. The generation cost of per unit energy was Rs 6.3227 per unit. According to the CCPA-G data, net electricity delivered to Discos was 8242.40 GWh at the cost of Rs 66.525 bn or Rs 8.0710 per unit.

The hydel power generation was recorded at 2816.49 GWh against the generation of 2627.25 GWh in October. The share of hydel generation was 33.21pc, the share of coal in power generation decreased from 1885.78 GWh in October to 1379.12 GWh in November. However, the cost of coal generation increased from Rs 11.3666 per unit in October to 13.1442 per unit in November. The generation from High Speed Diesel decreased to 24.99 GWh  in November against 57.10 GWh in October. The cost of electricity generated from HSD increased from Rs 25.2250 per unit in October to Rs 27.2054 GWh in November.The electricity generated from Furnace oil during November decreased to 145.40 GWh from the October generation of 1228.66 GWh. The cost of RFO based electricity was Rs 20.2710 per unit.

Electricity generation from gas-based power plants was 1093.16 GWh. RLNG based generation had drastically reduced to 1208.70 GWh in November from 2703 GWh in October, mainly due shortage of  LNG. The cost of RLNG based electricity increased from Rs 16.7482 per unit in October to Rs 17.2861 per unit in November.

The generation from nuclear power plants increased from 1392.92 GWh in October to 1485.19 GWh in November, at Rs 1.0239 per unit. Electricity imported from Iran also decreased from 41.41 GWh in October to 36.69 GWh in November. The cost of Iranian electricity decreased from Rs 14.3398 per unit in October to Rs 13.1753 per unit in November. The power generation from baggasse gone up from 7.14 GWh in October to 54.36 GWh in November at Rs 5.9789 per unit. The power generation from different sources (mixed) was 11.84 GWh at a price of Rs 4.4607 per unit, while generation from wind was recorded at 175GWh and solar generation was 50.62 GWh. NEPRA will conduct public hearing on the CPPA’s petition on December 29, 2021.