Encouraging women entrepreneurs

Women entrepreneurship has been growing rapid­ly throughout the globe. Wom­en worldwide see entrepreneur­ship as a path to a better future. Many women in developing coun­tries run businesses successfully, and many more aspire to become entrepreneurs. Like other devel­oping countries, women’s enter­prises are increasing in Pakistan, but still, a significant gender gap in entrepreneurship exists, which needs to be bridged through vari­ous initiatives.

As far as Balochistan is con­cerned, sadly, it is generally per­ceived as a male-gendered con­cept. This is why the women who start their businesses have to face some teething problems. It is gen­erally seen that women in Balo­chistan are discouraged to take up entrepreneurship by family, self, and societal factors. Once they take up entrepreneurship, they are hindered from continuing with their enterprises by factors that include competition in the mar­ket, especially from national large companies, lack of access to the market, lack of access to raw ma­terials, lack of capital or finance, lack of marketing knowledge, lack of production, poor infrastructure, inadequate power supply, and lack of business training.

It is also observed in Balochistan that women are not the ones who have been forced into sectors of the province. The provincial govern­ment ought to come up with more supporting and assisting hands to mainly embolden women entrepre­neurs in all sectors of the province.


Kolowaha Ashall.

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