Volunteers: unsung heroes

In a world where everyone is en­grossed in their respective occu­pations, driven by the need for fi­nancial sustenance or simply to make a living, there exists a group of individuals who dedicate their time and effort without any mon­etary compensation. These unsung heroes work tirelessly for the ben­efit of their communities, contrib­uting to the betterment of society. While money is undoubtedly a ne­cessity, these individuals find moti­vation beyond financial gain, driv­en by a deep sense of purpose and a commitment to serving others.

Numerous foundations and or­ganisations operate on both na­tional and international levels, focusing on community welfare. Thousands of individuals selfless­ly volunteer with these organisa­tions, embodying the spirit of al­truism. Sindh, too, has its share of remarkable individuals devoted to the betterment of society.

One such exemplary figure is Mr. Ali Bux Tunio, who, along with his friends, founded the Sindh Educa­tional Organisation (SEO) in 2020. SEO stands out as a student-led initiative aimed at supporting un­derprivileged students in their ed­ucational journey. Over the past four years, SEO has steadily ex­panded its network, attracting over 5000 students from various universities and colleges across different cities. The collaborative efforts, consistency, and determi­nation exhibited by SEO members in working for the community are truly commendable.

SEO engages in a range of activ­ities, including organising aware­ness sessions for various tests and exams, offering career coun­selling, advocating for education in rural areas, and providing free online classes for university entry test preparation. The organisation conducts mock tests, delivers re­sults, and awards certificates to participating students. These ini­tiatives guide students in making informed decisions about their ac­ademic and professional futures.

In addition to educational sup­port, SEO addresses the holistic well-being of students by conduct­ing sessions on health and men­tal wellness. By raising aware­ness about mental health issues, the organisation emphasises the importance of overall well-being. The fact that these students vol­unteer their time and effort, with­out any financial incentive, under­scores their genuine dedication to societal improvement, education, and assisting others. It is essential to acknowledge and appreciate these unsung heroes, as they play a crucial role in fostering positive change within our communities.



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