PML-N AJK for early induction of CEC

PP-led ruling clique termed den of corruption

Top PML-N AJK leaders on Tuesday urged the PP-led AJK government to appoint Chief Election Commissioner in line with the interim constitution of the state to ensure general elections on time.
Addressing a joint news conference here on Tuesday, the PML-N AJK leaders including Central Finance Secretary Ch Muhammad Saeed, Mirpur District President Ch Abdul Mallick, Ch Rukhsar Ahmed, ex minister Ch Masood Khalid, Nazir Inqlabi, Sohail Sarfraz, Raja Naveed Akhter Goga, Ch Aftab, Ch Muhammad Arif and others described the incumbent PP-led coalition AJK government as “the den of corruption, malpractices, bad governance and irregularities.” They also accused the AJK rulers of their alleged involvement in large scale corruption in the development projects during last four and half years of their rule.
The PML-N AJK leaders also urged for making the registered voters lists in AJK afresh to ensure participation of the electorates to use their right of franchise in the polls due to be held between May to July in the current year.
They continued that the sitting PP AJK rulers would not be allowed to escape from allegations of corruption levelled against them during their term in power in the State.
The PML-N leaders strongly condemned Prime Minister Majeed-led government and its cabinet ministers for using abusive language against the PML-N leadership including some of the federal ministers. “This is the blatant violation of democracy and the democratic values on the part of the incumbent AJK ruling clique”, they maintained.
The PML-N leaders suggested to the PP-led AJK rulers to refrain from using such abusive language against the PML-N leadership - which, they added, is tantamount to abusing the democracy, democratic norms, values and principles.
Leaders of the PML-N AJK, which is main opposition party in the sitting AJK Legislative Assembly, pointed out that from the very arrival of the PML-N into power in the country as a result of the landslide victory in 2013 general elections, the federal government fully supported the PP-led coalition government of Prime Minister Ch Majeed in AJK. “This fact was also openly acknowledged by the AJK Prime Minister Ch Abdul Majeed”, they pointed out.
“The AJK ruling elite started raising hue and cry as soon as they started smelling their defeat in the forthcoming AJK Legislative Assembly elections due to be held in the mid of this year”, the PML-N leaders observed and added that Premier Majeed’s government is at her last jolts because of its corruption and malpractices during entire term in power.
The PML-N AJK leader paid rich tribute to the Prime Minister and the Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Shareef for raising the importance of early settlement to Kashmir issue at each relevant international forum in bold and courageous manner.

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