RAWALPINDI          -          Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Cabinet Secretariat Thursday expressed serious concern over the loss of lives due to numerous incidents of bursting of gas cylinders in the country. Chairman Committee Senator Rana Maqbool Ahmed presided over a meeting of the Committee at parliament House on Thursday. He urged the OGRA, the press and the parliament to join hands together to combat the losses. He said that media can play a vital role by tracking down the responsible behind this criminal negligence in production of sub-standard cylinders and profiting out of it. “A close follow up and punitive action should be ensured against the responsible,” stated Chairman Committee. He also said that there is a dire need for formulating legislation in this regard and to ensure effective enforcement of law. The committee also inquired on the procedure of licensing and certification on gas cylinders. Chairman Ogra briefed the committee that natural gas is decreasing in the country. “Currently 4000 to 5000 tons of LpG is being used,” he said. Senator Waqar Mehdi said that cylinders are more dangerous than suicide bombers adding people are sitting in shops and houses with bombs. The committee also inquired on number of victims of cylinder explosions in the last three years and sought details of action against those selling substandard cylinders. The committee sought a detail briefing on the manufacturing and licensing of cylinders, reasons behind explosions and steps to eliminate this menace. while discussing “The Civil Servants (Amendment) Bill, 2022” Senator Muzaffar Hussain Shah questioned on the law related to dual citizenship of civil servants and inquired on the law of dual citizenship of a civil servant. “what is mentioned in the law for persons having dual citizenship?” questioned Senator Muzaffar Hussain Shah. Special Secretary Establishment division replied that on the appointment in civil service, only pakistani citizenship is written but not dual citizenship. Special Secretary Establishment division said that the law does not prohibit dual citizenship of a civil servant or his spouse. Senior Joint Secretary Establishment division said, “There is a risk of leakage of sensitive information from officers with dual citizenship posted in sensitive positions.” Chairman Committee observed, “Information can be leaked not only by officers but also through spouses.” The committee will first decide whether the officers should have dual citizenship or not. The special secretary establishment division said even in 2021, the bill was passed in the National Assembly on the same and came to the Senate, but could not be passed in the Senate within 90 days. The committee deferred consideration on the bill, on account of determining first whether civil servants are allowed dual citizenship or not. After the decision, the legislation will be initiated, said chairman committee. The meeting was attended by Senators Saifullah Sarwar Khan Nyazee, Kamil Ali Agha, Khalida Ateeb, Syed Muzafar Hussain Shah, Muhammad Akram and Senator Wqar Mehdi. Senior officials from the ministry and other attached departments were also in attendance.