Tough contest expected on 3 NA, 8 KP PA seats in Mardan district

MARDAN  -  Tough contests are ex­pected in Mardan dis­trict among the Awami National Party (ANP), Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI-Fazl), Pakistan Peo­ple’s Party (PPP), Pa­kistan Muslim League (PML-Nawaz), Ja­maat-e-Islami, and Pa­kistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s independent candidates on 3 national and 8 pro­vincial assembly constit­uencies in the upcoming general election sched­uled for February 8. The total number of regis­tered voters in Mardan district is 1,538,078, in­cluding 696,382 females and 841,696 males. The election commission has designated 1,055 polling stations, com­prising 353 males, 319 females, and 383 com­bined. For the three Na­tional Assembly seats, a total of 42, including two women candidates, are contesting the elec­tion. Simultaneously, 105 candidates, including 3 women, are contesting the election for 8 pro­vincial assembly seats. In NA-21-Mardan-1, a to­tal of 14 candidates, in­cluding 9 independents and female candidates, are in the election race. However, a tough con­test is expected between PPP candidate Asadullah Khan, ANP’s Ahmed Ali, JUI-F’s Azam Khan, and PTI’s former MNA inde­pendent candidate Mu­jahid Ali. JI candidate At­ta-ur-Rehman, Pakistan Markazi Muslim League (PMML) candidate Mu­hammad Ghalib, and fe­male candidate Lubna Faheem, along with Mu­hammad Ayaz, Gul Mu­hammad, Sher Bahadur, Sartaj Khan, Hamid Ali Khan, Pir Humayun Said, and Amir Ejaz are con­testing the election as in­dependent candidates. In the constituency, the total registered voters are 521,739, including 235,737 females.

For NA-22-Mardan-II, a total of 17 candidates, including a TLP female and 10 independent can­didates, are contesting the election on this seat. However, a tough contest is expected between ANP candidate and former chief minister Amir Had­iar Hoti, PPP’s Syed Abid Ali Shah, RJUI candidate Maulana Shujaul Mulak, former provincial minis­ter and president of PTI Peshawar region Muham­mad Atif Khan, who will contest the election as an independent candidate, and TLP female candi­date Ambreen alias Hina. Other candidates include PSM candidate Muham­mad Saed, PTSP candi­date Muhammad Saroon Amirzada, JUI-F Qari Niaz Ali, and independ­ent candidates Sher Ba­hadur, Syed Umar Farooq, Mukhtyar, Muhammad Hanif, Muhammad Abtar, Syed Kamal, Saud Shah Roghani, and Zulfiqar Ali. The total number of reg­istered voters is 554,737, with 254,228 females.

In NA-23 Mardan-III, a total of 11 candidates, including three inde­pendent candidates, are contesting the election. However, a tough con­test is expected between ANP candidate Ahmed Khan Bahadur, former federal minister and PTI leader Ali Muhammad Khan, who is contesting the election as an inde­pendent candidate, PPP candidate Shoaib Alam Khan, PML-N Jalal Khan Khattak, JI candidate Aqib Ismail, JUI-F candi­date Kaleemullah Khan, PTSP candidate Mazul­lah Khan, PMML candi­date Abdul Azeem, ATP candidate Bashir Khan, independent candidate Zer Muhammad, and Shoaib Khan. The to­tal number of registered voters is 461,602, includ­ing 206,417 females.

For the provincial as­sembly seats, PK-54, and Mardan-1, a total of 11 candidates are contest­ing the election. How­ever, a tough contest is expected between ANP candidate Gohar Ali Shah, JUI-F candi­date Hafiz Akhtar Ali, PTI independent can­didate Zarshad Khan, PPP candidate Muham­mad Aslam, PTIP candi­date Malak Shoukat, RJUI candidate Jibran Khan, JI candidate Imtiyaz Ali Shah, and independent candidates Laila Zam­an, Iqbal Hussain, An­war Muhammad Khan, and Zakir Hussain. The total registered voters are 189,952, including 85,102 females.

PK-55, Mardan-2, a to­tal of 20 candidates are contesting the election on this seat. However, a tough contest is expect­ed between ANP candi­date Syed Muhammad Sohail, JUI-F candidate Adnan Khan, PTI inde­pendent candidate and former MPA Toufail An­jum, PML-N Tariq Sal­eem, PMML Muhammad Khalid, PPP Muhammad Saed Khan Khalil, PMAP Humayun Khan, and in­dependent candidates Waleed Khan, Niaz Ali Khan, Malik Ayaz Mu­hammad Khan, Jan Sher Khan, Jawad Ali, Syed Muhammad Sohail Ba­cha, Muhammad Ibrahim Shah, and female candi­date Lubna Fahim. The total number of regis­tered voters is 207,922, including 84,877 females.

In PK-56, Mardan-III, the total registered vot­ers are 186,736, includ­ing 85,115 women. A to­tal of 11 candidates are contesting the election. A tough contest is expected between PTI independ­ent candidate and for­mer MPA Amir Farzand Khan, JUI-F Obaidullah Khan, ANP candidate Ab­dul Aziz, PPP female can­didate Anila Shahzad, TLP candidate Atiq Ahmed Khan, PML-N Waqar Ahmed, JI Akhtar Ali, RJUIP candidate Sahi Bahadur, and independ­ent candidates Syed Ka­mal, Muhammad Ali, and Noor Muhammad.

In PK-57, Mardan-4, the total registered vot­ers are 184,364, includ­ing 100,524 men and 83,840 women. A to­tal of 13 candidates are contesting the election on this seat; however, a tough contest is expect­ed between ANP candi­date Ahmed Khan Ba­hadur, JUI-F Maulana Amant Shah, PPP candi­date Umar Farooq Khan Hoti, PTI independent candidate and former MPA Muhammad Zahir Shah, TLP female candi­date Ambarin Uraf Hina, PML Abdul Basit, RJUI candidate Rafaq Hussain, JI Muhammad Shafiq, PMML candidate Murad Khan, and independent candidates Muhammad Arshid Khan, Lakhkar Khan, Sabir Rehman, and Syed Umar Farooq.

For PK-58 and Mardan-5, a total of 9 candidates are contest­ing the election on this seat. However, a tough contest is expected be­tween ANP candidate and former chief minis­ter Amir Haidar Hoti, PTI candidate and former MPA Abdus Salam Afri­di, who is contesting the election as an independ­ent candidate, JUI-F can­didate Taj-ul-Amin Jabal, PTIP candidate Zulfiqar Khan, Muhammad Ka­mal Khan on PPP ticket, Muhammad Naeem Khan on RJUI ticket, Anwarul­lah on TLP ticket, Mustaq Khan on JI ticket, and Mu­rad Khan on PMML ticket. The total number of reg­istered voters is 217,529, including 116,434 men and 101,095 women.

PK-59, Mardan-6, where 178,684 regis­tered voters, including 79,380 females. A total of 17 candidates are con­testing the election; how­ever, a tough contest is expected between ANP candidate Muhammad Haroon Khan, PTI inde­pendent candidate Tariq Mahmood Aryani, JUI-F candidate Aqil Khan, PTIP candidate Arifullah Mo­hmand, Tehreek-e-Darve­shan Pakistan candidate Hussain Nawaz, PMML Hazrat Gul, PPP Sherzada, Tehrek-e-Jawnan Paki­stan candidate Abdul Sat­tar, TLP Irfan Ali, PML-N Fahru Zaman, JI Ibrahim Biland, and independent candidates Walayat Khan, Naeem Anwar, Muham­mad Ishaq Toufan, Mu­hammad Ayaz, Zarghun Shah, and Ihsanul Haq.

In PK-60, Mardan-7, a total of 16 candidates are contesting elections. However, a tough contest is expected between ANP candidate Sher Afghan Khan, PTI former MPA If­tikhar Ali Mashwani, who is contesting the elec­tion as an independent candidate on the sym­bol feather instead of the PTI symbol bat, PML-N Mumtaz Khan, PPP Ir­fanullah, JUI-F Iftikhar Mohmand, JIP Numan Yousaf, PTSP Mazullah Khan, PMML Saedullah, Pakistan Rah-e-Haq Par­ty candidate Sajjid Khan, and independent candi­dates Ehsanullah, Jamal Shah, Shoaib Khan, Za­hir-ud-din-Muhammad Babar, Abdur Raziq, Ali Asghar Khan, and Miraj Hussain. The total num­ber of registered voters in the provincial constit­uency is 185,557, includ­ing 82,720 women.

PK-61, Mardan-8, the total registered voters are 187,334, including 84,253 females, while a total of 8 candidates are contest­ing. However, a tough contest is expected be­tween PML-N candidate Jamshid Mohmand, JUI-F candidate Maulana Mu­hammad Qasim, PTI can­didate Ihtisham Ali, who is contesting the election as an independent candi­date, ANP Muhammad Ja­mal Nasir, PTIP candidate Ubaid Ali, JI candidate Ab­dul Wasi, and independ­ent candidates Younas Khan and Nadeem Mu­hammad Khan.

Political analysts pre­dict contests among ANP, JUI-F, PMLN, PTI, and PPP candidates in the 3 national and 8 provincial constituencies, although PTI may face challenges amid the current situa­tion in the country. How­ever, political analysts predict that ANP will benefit from the current challenges facing PTI in Mardan district.

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