Panamagate: Sharif children's lawyer files 'new documents' in SC

The fourth hearing of Panama case over Joint Investigation (JIT) Report  resumed in Supreme Court today. The lawyer of Hussain, Hassan and Maryam Nawaz, Salman Akram Raja, started his argument in front of the court. 

Yesterday, Raja told the apex court that he will submit new documents by his clients today. The documents were however released on media yesterday evening. 

The apex court expressed displeasure over media release of these documents. Justice Ejaz Afzal mentioned this to Salman Akram Raja and asked him how these documents were given to media before the court. 

"You presented your case to media hence you should give arguments in front of media too and a media dais is also available outside," Justice Ejaz remarked. 

Salman Akram Raja told court that he does not know about leakage as he did not hand over these documents to media but top court rejected the claim and remarked that documents were released by the legal team. 

Furthermore, advocate Raja filed new documents including one acquired from Abu Dhabi customs showing that scrap and machinery were moved from Dubai and an invoice from Ahli Steel Company verifying the shipment of dismantled rolling mill from Azizia Steel Mill.

Salman Akram Raja also present a document from JPCA accounting firm which deals the ownership of Nelson and Nescol companies. The document from Minerva Financial Services Limited. Another documents showing a deal between Prime Minister's cousin Tariq Shafi and Muhammad Abdullah Ahli regarding selling his 25pc shares in Ahli Steel Mill. 

He  further argued that JIT did not ask Hassan and Hussain Nawaz the real questions rather they hide the documents from them.

On this issue of machinery transported from Dubai to Qatar, Raja argued that it was not scrap rather proper machinery while JIT only questioned about the scrape. 

The advocate also submitted 17-page long objections in front of the court in which Hassan, Hussain and Maryam Nawaz challenged the sources material of JIT.  

The legal counselor further told the court that Hussain Nawaz did submit documents regarding Gulf Steel Mill to JIT.

"JIT rejected attested documents presented by Hussain Nawaz and was not asked about UAE letter," Raja argued. 

While discussing the documents, the court mentioned that Dubai and UAE governments have rejected them and stated that these stamps are not theirs. 

Upon this Raja argued that it is possible that a mistake has been made by Dubai government. "From your reply, it seems Dubai government does many mistakes," the court said. 

"These documents are private as these Customs codes can be downloaded from internet," the court mentioned. "Bring some attested documents."

The bench also mentioned that Hussain Nawaz and Tariq Shafi were asked about UAE documents and Notary stamps but they refused to recognise it. 

"It means these documents are fake," the court said. 

On issue of money trail of Azizia Mill Steel, Raja stated that 63million Ryal came into bank account of the mill. Upon which court demanded money trail of that amount. 

Raja Akram replied point is that 63million Ryal came into the account and we should discuss events after that but Justice Azmat Saeed remarked "it is not that easy as this arguments gives the hint that there was some secret hand behind that money. 

"No one is ready to give the money trail," Justice Azmar remarked. 

After the break, Supreme Court bench opened the documents provided by Qatari Prince Hammad Bin Jasim and BVI. 

The court asked Salman Akram Raja to not attack on JIT as bench will only give importance to its material.  

After checking the documents provided by the Sharif family, the court found the documents were attested on February 4th, 2006 (Saturday) which is a holiday in United Kingdom. 

"What have you done Mr. Raja, you know that this comes under forged documents," Justice Azmat Saeed remarked. "No one even picks up phone on holiday in UK," Justice Azmat added. 

"Forgery can lead to seven years jail," Additional Attorney General told court upon asking. 

Justice Ijaz ul Ahsan further stated that documents were prepared on some other day and were attested on some other day. 

Salman Akram Raja argued that it could have been a mistake as these documents were submitted by Akram Sheikh who was handling the case before. 

On issue of Qatari Prince, Justice Ijaz ul Ahsan said that it was Hussain Nawaz's responsibility to bring him to Pakistan. "Prince was not ready to come out of his palace," the court said. 

The bench also mentioned that prince refused to admit the laws of Pakistan. 

Furthermore, Salman Raja admits before court that Prime Minister was chairman of Dubai based company. "But he never took pay for it," the lawyer said. Justice Ijaz replied that this is still come under his assets which were not shown in his records. 

The court was adjourned till 9:30 am tomorrow. 

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