LAHORE - PTI Chairman Imran Khan on Thursday stressed the need for funding human development than spending money on building of roads and metro trains. He also stated that country makes progress by good governance and strengthening the institutions.

He said this while addressing public rallies at different points in the City in connection with party’s election campaign. PTI chief felt a minor electric shock at an election rally as he touched the mike to address his supporters at Raiwind Road. Incessant rain also disturbed his schedule to address the rallies as the inundated places made it impossible to hold a rally there. 

“Nations make progress if the public money is spent on peoples welfare and justice is dispensed to all and sundry”, he maintained, adding, that PTI will focus more on human development after coming into power. Imran Khan believed that Punjab will decide the fate of entire Pakistan on July 25.

In his address at Raiwind Road, Imran also highlighted the achievements of his party’s previous government in KP province and especially mentioned the de-politicisation of police and measures taken to improve the health and education sectors. He claimed that introduction of health cards and health insurance was the biggest achievement of his party’s government in the KP province.

Criticising the Sharifs for what he called their misplaced priorities, Imran said he would improve the condition of schools and hospitals across the country after coming into power. “Building roads and running the metro train takes you nowhere”, he stated.

On foreign policy issues, he said that his party will cultivate the kind of relations with the US and the neighbouring countries that mutually benefit all the countries. Addressing the traders at ceremony in Lahore, he criticised PML-N leadership for destroying country’s economy contrary to their claims of having the services of best economic managers.

He said that unprecedented depreciation of rupee vis-a-vis the US dollar had further added to the country’s debt burden which had already soared to one trillion dollars. Value of people’s deposits in banks has also fallen by 20 per cent, he said. “Earlier, it happened during Zardari’s era and now the PML-N government further weakened the economy, he said, adding, that a weak economy will cause downfall of all institutions. Imran Khan said that the leaders who lived abroad could not understand peoples miseries.

In a reference to Mian Nawaz Sharif, he said that sons of a three-time Prime Minister were settled in London who would not consider them Pakistanis. He said that he wondered how they became billionaire in few years.

He also took strong exception PML-N leaders statements demanding of overseas Pakistanis to bring their money to the country. “It is a strange paradox that they expect their citizens to bring the money back but would deposit their own money in the foreign accounts”, he deplored. 

PTI Chairman told traders that his party’s government will make a joint policy in consultation with the traders. He further stated that his government will broaden the tax net by lowering the tax rates.

He argued that American economy got a boost after Trump administration lowered the taxes. He said that the traders community could play greater role in economic development provided they are given incentives to make investment in different sectors.

He also lauded the traders who helped him raise funds for the Shaukat Khanum Hospital.

Also, office bearers of young Clerks Association of Pakistan led by PTI’s Mashaikh Wing President Syed Muhammad Habib Irfani called on PTI chief Imran Khan and announced to support the PTI.

The delegation included Zafar Ali Khan, Syed Mohsin Ali Shah and Syed Asim Bokhari.