Rawalpindi - A woman was allegedly raped by a professor of government run-college after luring her for a job, informed sources on Tuesday.

The incident took place within limits of Police Station (PS) Sadiqabad, wherein, a rape case has also been registered against the college professor and one of his unknown crime partner, they added. Police have managed to arrest the rapist, the college professor, identified as Khalil and put him behind the bars, according to a police spokesman.

Similarly, Islamabad police have recovered an abducted a woman from captivity of a Nigerian national during a raid at Shamas Colony besides arresting the kidnaper.

According to sources, a woman lodged a complaint with PS Sadiqabad officials stating she is residing in Rawalpindi and was approached by a man Khalil for giving a job. “As I reached in clinic, Khalil and one of his unknown accomplices raped me,” she alleged. She said that the duo also recorded her objectionable video on mobile phone. The woman told police that Khalil and his accomplice raped. “Khalil threatened me of sharing my objectionable video, which he claimed to have recorded on his mobile phone, on social media if I share my ordeal with anyone,” she said. The victim lady appealed police to register a case against the accused and to arrest them.

Taking action, police registered a case against the accused and held one of the culprits. A spokesman to CPO Rawalpindi said that police have begun investigation after filing a case besides rounding up one rapist. He said that police have also launched manhunt to arrest the rapists.

On the other hand, officials of PS Shamas Colony have recovered a woman from captivity of a Nigerian national during a raid carried out on a house located in Shamas Colony. The kidnaper has also been arrested.

According to a police spokesman, Alfeena Velva, an Afghan national and residing in Islamabad, tabled a complaint with PS Shamas Colony that her cousin Salima was staying with her in her flat. She alleged that a Nigerian national Chibuzo Obi Peter had abducted Salima and detained her illegally in a house. The applicant told police that her cousin shared with her that Obi Peter has been raping her for one month. She appealed police to register a case against the kidnaper and to recover the captivity. Taking action, the police conducted raid on the house and recovered the captivity besides arresting the accused, he said.