Army to remain in South Waziristan unless people are satisfied: Army chief

Army Chief Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani has said army will remain in South Waziristan unless people of the area are satisfied.
“Army will stay in South Waziristan unless people of the area are satisfied. Army is playing every possible role for the development and uplift of these areas. Those who had quit South Waziristan during the operation should return to their homes. No one will be involved in terrorism when prosperity comes in the tribal areas”, he said this while addressing tribal dignitaries on the occasion of inauguration of third corridor in the tribal areas on Pak-Afghan borders Thursday. Ambassador of United Arab Emirates (UAE) also accompanied army chief.
Official  sources said a 50-kilometer road from Wana to Angora Adda has been constructed at the cost of 38 million dollars in the tribal areas along Pak-Afghan borders in South Waziristan in collaboration with UAE. Army chief Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani inaugurated Wana-Angora Adda road constructed in connection with third corridor.
Army chief said operation was completed within four weeks in South Waziristan and peace has been established therein due to cooperation of the people of the area. Army is there for establishment of peace in South Waziristan. Peace in the area will benefit people.
He went on to say that roads were being built in South Waziristan. Roads, irrigation and electricity projects will lead to change the destiny of the areas, he asserted. “I give guarantee that construction of roads in the area will benefit future  generations. “We are naming Wana-Angora Adda road as Sheikh Khalifa Ben Zahid Al-Nihan road”, he stated.