Islamabad - The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has observed with great concern that premises of several big hotels in the city lack life safety standards thus putting life of thousands of visitors in danger.

According to the CDA’s Emergency and Disaster Management directorate, several big hotels do not fulfil the requirements for fire prevention and life safety as prescribed by the authority in 2010. According to the separate letter written by the disaster management directorate, the installation of requisite preventive equipment as per occupancy wise requirement is largely missing and consequences of a disaster can be fatal. Furthermore, the entry points for high-tech fire and rescue vehicles, in case of a fire incident, are also contrary to the specifications while many security barricades and barriers are placed on the entrance side which calls for earliest corrective measures. The authority has asked the hotels’ management to review the state of preparedness in accordance with the CDA building standards for fire prevention and life safety, 2010 and do the needful to plug the loopholes.

Separately, the CDA officials have said that concrete steps have been taken to ensure maintenance of the existing road infrastructure in the city. Mayor Islamabad, Sheikh Anser Aziz has directed the concerned departments to accelerate the pace of work so that the residents could be facilitated in a better way.