Politics is described in the dictionary as an action sensible and wise in the circumstances. It is said that KBD has become victim of politics now it has to be seen whether it is wise or sensible to ignore KBD till doomsday. The smaller provinces do not agree as their politicians do not agree. We have not built a single dam since past four decades while Tarbela and Mangla dams get silted up by the day losing about 1/3rd of their storage capacity all this time.  

Politicians don’t victimise a dam to store water to be used in time of use while we let the surplus water during summer to flow into the sea while pining for water during winter due to lack of it. Our politicians ought to be sensible over water issues which linger on at present waiting for sense to prevail over water but tide and time wait for nobody while all life depends on water for subsistence. 


Lahore, June 2.