LAHORE - PML-N government is fighting darkness and its supporters and the struggle to end outages has started bearing fruits, said Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Monday.

Talking to media men during his visit to Haveli Bahadur Shah Power Plant, Shehbaz said, “We have to fight both darkness as well as its supporters. We will succeed on both fronts with the support of people and by the grace of Allah Almighty.”

He said elements who wanted to halt the journey towards development wanted to fail the nation, but people of Pakistan would not allow it to happen. The progress made by the government in the energy sector during the last four years was unprecedented in the 70-year history of Pakistan. Domestic as well as industrial consumers would be provided the required electricity.

The chief minister paid tribute to local and international experts and workers working day and night in the scorching heat on this project. He said the PML-N government was setting new records of development in Punjab, while its opponents were busy levelling allegations. He said that Rs90 billion would be spent on this project.

Meanwhile, Punjab chief minister on Monday inspected 1230-megawatt gas power plant in Haveli Bahadur Shah area in Jhang.

He visited various sections of the plant, including control room and expressed his satisfaction over the pace of work. He also held meetings with engineers and workers. Talking to them, he said they were serving the nation by working on a project of national importance. He said this project was a milestone and it would help overcome power load-shedding. Shehbaz said the project would start 750-megawatt power generation within a week and it would be added to the national grid. He said it would help curb the power crisis further. The chief minister said that power plant was going to start generation on a trial basis from Monday. He said that efforts of the PML-N government to overcome loadshedding had started bearing fruit.