Pakistan-India rivalry is like none other and goes way back. Both sides have always used cricket as an excuse to start an onslaught of words against each other, be it fans on social media or sports analysts on screen. 

For a long time, though, beating India has seemed like a far-off dream to Pakistan. After losing the World Cup semi-final in 2011 and the T20 final in 2007, winning the 2017 Champions Trophy and finally defeating India has been a dream-come-true for Pakistan. 

The match was preceded by a social media war in which both sides tried their best to rile up their rivals. This social media war was expected to continue after Pakistan defeated India by 180 runs. However, the Indian team and fans alike were graceful in their defeat. 

Archana Mohan, an Indian woman, posted a heart-warming letter to Pakistan as her Facebook status. She thanked the Pakistan team for winning the match and for "being an inspiration". 

Mohan said that she woke up the morning after the match expecting a "soul wrenching hangover after [Pakistan] pulverized [her] team yesterday", but instead, she found her family commending and appreciating the Pakistani team and players. 

Her mother-in-law talked about Muhammad Amir, saying that he had got his redemption after a mistake in his youth. She said, "God works in mysterious ways."

Mohan's husband expressed his wish that India had players like Pakistan, calling them "cricketers in the purest form". 

Her father-in-law, who is an ex-serviceman, appreciated Fakhar Zaman, saying that he did what "a soldier does for his country". 

Her colleague, who had been involved in the social media war against Pakistan, confessed that he had watched "everything there was on YouTube about Sarfaraz Ahmed", and said that the player is "something else".

Mohan went on to write that she saw a post on her social media saying "Marry me, Babar Azam."

Mohan said that it has been a tough few years for Pakistan recently because of lack of finances and reluctance of other teams to play in the country because of security reasons, but the win shows that "you can never write [Pakistan] off". 

She said that India may have lost the final, but many of them had won something more valuable than trophies, which was the "tag of being a good sport". 

She ended her post by saying, "Perhaps there may still be hope for the two countries after all!"

Her post got over 28,000 likes, almost 9000 shares and more than 3500 comments. Pakistanis and Indians alike appreciated her post and thanked her for sharing it with the world.