Indian fans, media blame Zainab's selfies for loss

Meet Zainab Abbas, the sports analyst being blamed by India for Pakistan's win. 

When it comes to sports, the most sensible people can become illogical and believe in superstitions. Such is the case with several Indians right now, after Pakistan won the ICC Champion's Trophy. 

It all started when South Africa’s AB de Villiers was out at duck for the first time in his twelve-year long career. Ironically, South Africa was playing against Pakistan. Pakistan won this match by 19 runs. People immediately linked this to Zainab's selfie with Villiers before the match. 

Things took an interesting turn when Indian captain Virat Kohli was bowled out at duck against Sri Lanka on 8th June. Cricket enthusiasts soon found out that Zainab had posted a selfie with Kohli too. 

Zainab was held responsible for these losses, and her selfies were labeled as 'cursed'. 

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Then, on 11th June, Zainab posted a selfie with Sri Lankan captain Angelo Matthews. The next day, 12th June, Sri Lanka lost to Pakistan. At this point, Indian fans started warning the Indian team to stay away from Zainab.

But one day before the finals, i.e. 17th June, Zainab's selfies with Virat Kohli, Yuvraj Singh and Rohit Sharma began popping up all over social media. India's fears came true, and the Indian team lost the final, making Pakistan the winners of the Champion's Trophy 2017. 

According to Indian fans, if Kohli, Singh and Sharma had not taken selfies with Zainab, India would have won for sure. 

After extensive research by Indian media, it was found that Zainab's selfie with Kholi was originally posted on 1st June, the first day of the Champion's Trophy. India played against Pakistan on 4th June and won by 124 runs.

If Zainab's selfies really were magical, India would have lost their very first match against Pakistan, but this was not the case. 

Therefore, the Indian claim that Pakistan won because of a few mere selfies was disproved by the Indian media itself. 

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