LAHORE - An illiterate person can learn the holy Quran by simply opening the divine scripture everyday and moving his forefinger on every line just like someone reciting it.

So says a former commerce dean at a local college who has set up a centre with the primary objective of helping the illiterate people learn the last Book revealed by The Lord of the Worlds.

Professor Khalid Mahmud Hashmi’s Darul Quran is on Butt Lane, Garhi Shahu, Lahore, and remains open throughout the day.

He says anyone desirous of learning the holy Quran should start his day by performing ablution (Wazoo) and opening page one of the revealed scripture. Then he should move his forefinger on as many lines of as many pages he can easily do. If he keeps repeating the practice every day, he will automatically start reading the divine scripture after some time. “This is the miracle of Quran”.

Watching holy Ka’ba, holy Quran and father’s face is a very rewarding process, Hashmi says, adding that the more time one spends on any of these exercises the more benefits he would reap.

The former dean, who also contributes a weekly column to Nawa-i-Waqt, said between 40 and 50 people visit his centre every day and he helps all of them read Quran. He says once somebody starts reading Quran he will also ultimately understand its meaning. Hashmi himself reads all 30 chapters of the holy book every day. The practice has been going on for more than a decade.