Nehal Hashmi has submitted his answer to a petition concerning his threats against “those investigating” PM Nawaz Sharif and his family, before Supreme Court today. A video was noticed by chief justice, in which he was warning the individuals conducting a Supreme Court-sanctioned investigation and they have been given task to question Sharif’s family, he was directed at JIT, investigating Sharif family’s business dealings.  In the petition, he defended himself saying as a “loyal Pakistani regarding judiciary” as he has served 30 years as an advocate and his aim of the speech was not to insult the judiciary. He said that media replayed his once made speech several times.

He accused Imran Khan for taking his speech out of context and claimed that opponents are scheming against him and requested SC to probe the matter. Ashraf Ausaf has been appointed by court as prosecutor in the case. He also demanded  the court's stay on criminal proceedings against him and the withdrawal of the show-cause notice issued against him regarding his remarks.