Supreme Court has rejected Hussain Nawaz’s appeal regarding his leaked photo from JIT and video recording of the proceeding.

The top court has allowed JIT to video and audio record the hearings but these recordings will only be presented as transcript.

Technology can be used for correction of the record in case as it does not hurt basic rights of any individual. 

Three-member bench chaired by Justice Ejaz Chaudhary gave the verdict.

The apex court further remarked that JIT is working under recommendations of Supreme Court. “JIT should be free from every kind of apprehensions,” Justice Afzal remarked.

Furthermore, the apex court has allowed JIT to public the report on leaked photo. "The individual who leaked photo is mentioned in the report," the court remarked. 

On June 7th, Hussain Nawaz demanded for establishment of an inquiry commission for investigation on ‘leaked’ photo. 

The premier’s son filed an application in Supreme Court.

According to details, junior Nawaz had requested the top court to establish the commission under a retired judge to investigate this scandal.

The leaked photo is disrespect and against basic human rights, application argued.

In the application, Hussain Nawaz claimed that Joint Investigation Team (JIT) is working out of its jurisdiction.

The application further stated that through this leaked photo, a message was sent to people who are to appear before JIT.

JIT leaked the photo to express its power, application read.

The court saved the decision on June 14th.