The Punjab Food Department is currently witnessing a shortage of wheat, almost up to 1M tons after the completion of procurement drive.

After the procuration of almost 3.8 million tons till the end of official buying drive on the 15th of June, the provincial food department is facing shortage of a million tons at least in its reserves, even if 1.5 million tons is available in the flour mills.

In a notification, the department stated that ''Upon successful achievement of the assigned wheat procurement target, the government of Punjab hereby brings to a close the wheat procurement campaign 2021-22 w.e.f. 15.06.2021''.

Furthermore, the department has exclaimed that it will confiscate the illegal stocks and the district administration will continue to look into the matter of hoarding of wheat. 

The department issued a notification for tightening its grip on the supply of wheat and its products with a watchful eye on flour price, which is a politically sensitive commodity.