ISLAMABAD - Lashing out at govt for back-breaking inflation, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader and Imran Khan’s Chief of Staff, Dr. Shahbaz Gill has demanded formation of a judicial commission to probe the statement of Khurram Dastgir who “tried to drag the military into the politics”.

Addressing a press conference here on Sunday, he said that after confession of Khurram Dastgir, not only the reality of cipher came to the fore but he also exposed the imported government which admitted that they did not conspire to oust PTI government for betterment of the county but to secure NRO-2. Shehbaz Gill went on to say that these crooks and corrupt gangs hatched conspiracy against Imran Khan to protect their loot and plunder.

PTI leader said that Khurram Dastgir should be asked as to why he had concerns about the change of army chief, adding that the thieves knew that Imran Khan had come close to their accountability and therefore they conspired and ganged up against him. He said that Khurram Dastgir tried to drag army into politics and action should be taken against him.

Talking about the soaring inflation, the PTI leader stated that the imported government broke all records of inflation, making lives of the people miserable. He said that during the PTI era, people were provided maximum relief despite rising prices globally, adding that cheap petrol and diesel were available in Pakistan at that time. Gill stated that time ripe to get rid of the corrupt junta and asked the people to come out of their homes to send packing the corrupt people, as these crooks ruined the well-performing and booming economy within few weeks. He disclosed that someone has given the task in Afghanistan to assassinate Imran Khan and this was a matter very serious issue and should be investigated properly. He raised a question that Maryam Nawaz, despite being a criminal and holding no official position, has been provided with tremendous security, while Imran Khan being a former prime minister and world known leader was not provided security and demanded that PTI chairman should also be provided best security. The PTI leader said that Shahbaz Sharif was known for making drama, as his performance could only be seen on the paper in advertisements, adding that even the turncoat MNA Noor Alam also acknowledged the back-breaking inflation in the country.

Alleges PML-N leader tried to drag military into politics | Lashes out at govt for back-breaking inflation, making lives of people miserable

Shahbaz Gill criticized the government for soaring gas price by 45% and suspending gas supply to factories, adding that farmers were struggling to get fertilizer, as their crops were destroying. He warned that flour price is likely to reach Rs 100 in the coming days and asked the media to break the silence on the soaring prices.

PTI leader asked several questions from Marriyum Aurangzeb, as who was the gas thief now? Who was the power thief? Who was the thief who spent Rs 80 million on swimming pool? Gill said that Marriyum Aurangzeb should also name the thief who snatched bread from the people living in the shelter homes?

Gill stated that it was proved during the last few weeks that these corrupt gangs had only expertise in eliminating all proof and evidences of money laundering and corruption instead of doing any good for the country.