ISLAMABAD - The government has set new gas connections target of 537,070 for Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited(SNGPL) and Sui Southern Gas Company Limited (SSGC) for the next fis­cal which is 38.5 per cent higher than the total gas connections target for both the state owned entities for outgoing fiscal year.

The government has en­hanced the target for number of new gas connections by 38.56pc, from 387,712 con­nections during 2021-22 to 537,070 in FY 2022-23, official documents revealed. Besides increasing the number of gas connections, the government also gave high priority to gas schemes in the revised guide­lines for the Sustainable Devel­opment Goals (SDGs).

Both the state owned SNGPL and SSGC have added 387,712 new gas connections to their networks during 2021-22.The total target of new connec­tions for the Sui companies was 437,326 during ongoing fiscal, however, 88pc of target was achieved, the documents added. SNGPL has achieved 99pc target of gas connections, while SSGC has achieved 64pc of the target.

As per the documents for the next fiscal the target for SNGPL new connections is 403050, which includes 400000 domes­tic connections, 2800 commer­cial consumers, and 250 indus­trial connections. For SSGC the target for total number of new connections during FY 2022-23 is 134020, which includes 133010 domestic consumers, 775 commercial consumers, and 235 industrial connections.

It has been estimated that both the Sui companies will add 10707km pipeline to its transmission and distribu­tion network during FY 2022-23. SNGPL will add 9605km, while SSGC will add 1102km to its network, the documents revealed. Regarding PSDP projects, the documents re­vealed that total nine energy (fuel) sector projects with an allocation of Rs. 2,958 mil­lion were implemented, dur­ing fiscal year 2022-23, by the Hydrocarbon Development Institute of Pakistan (HDIP), Sui Companies and Inter State Gas System Ltd. (ISGS) under Petroleum Division. Out of 9 projects, three projects includ­ing one lab testing facility up­gradations by HDIP and two gas supply schemes to Special Economic Zones by SNGPL and SSGC are to be completed by the end of ongoing fiscal year.

Government has enhanced target for number of new gas connections by 38.56pc

During 2022-23, with pro­posed allocation of Rs. 960.05 million, Petroleum Division will continue implementing five on-going projects including Expansion and Up-gradation of Pakistan Petroleum Corehouse (PETCORE) for its Sustainable Operations to Facilitate Oil & Gas Exploration Research in Pakistan, Strengthening, Up­gradation and ISO Certification of Karachi Laboratory Complex (KLC) at HDIP Operation Office, Karachi Project and three Sup­ply of Gas projects to SEZs.