LG officials to ensure fumigation against diseases

KARACHI        -            The Metropolitan Commissioner, all the municipal commissioners of six districts and chief officer district council have been directed to take immediate steps and guidelines to ensure fumigation in their respective areas to disinfect air borne and surface borne contamination.

In a notification on Thursday, all the top officials of the Sindh Local government department including the MCs of South, East, West, Central, Korangi and Malir were asked to launch fumigation drive in their respective jurisdictions.

All the officials were directed to constitute two separate groups of teams for fumigation drive, one for chemical spray to contain air borne insects like mosquitoes causing Dengue, Malaria and other infections; second team for surface fumigation using disinfectants like formaldehyde and at public places like railway stations, bus stops, offices, mall, super markets, restaurant and public parks.

The Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) and all District Municipal Corporations (DMCs) in their respective areas carryout surface fumigation of the public areas from March 19, and shall also distribute hand sanitizers and masks to the passengers at railway stations and bus stops three times a day.

The KMC and DMCs shall bound all heads or owners of the public offices, malls, super markets, restaurants, groceries and religious places to disinfect their areas through surface fumigation thrice a day after de-carpeting if these places are carpeted day for this they will be using the staff/volunteers who will secure their compliance certificate on daily basis from them. They will also bound management of mosques in their respective areas to remove carpets or mats and ensure regular disinfection activity after every Namaz.

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