LAHORE   -  Pakistan Muslim League-Q President and former Prime Minister Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain on Friday said that Prime Minister Imran Khan should direct the Committee, made under the chairmanship of Speaker National Assembly to resolve the core issues of the masses on priority basis. 

“Peoples’ fundamental issues including inflation, unemployment and price hike should be resolved by setting aside the trivial differences.  

The government should determine the causes of price hike and identify those involved in inflation and unemployment besides measures to be taken to control such issues”, the PML President said in a statement. Chaudhry Shujaat maintained that the suggestions to resolve issues like horse trading and use of money to buy the loyalties of politicians should also be put in place. 

Ch Shujaat in his statement also remembered the four Martial Laws [imposed in different times] as exemplary stating that “Best arrangements were made even during the first two weeks [of their imposition] to resolve problems like price control, inflation, unemployment and a number of others”. 

The PML leader also said that despite reasons to oppose the Martial Laws, these measures are appreciated by the people even today, he added.   

Talking about the Parliamentary Committee,he said: “The Committee instead of wasting time on focusing political issues during its meetings should present valuable recommendations for redressing the core issues of people besides holding of free and fair elections”.  

He recalled that various committees were also formed during his tenure [as PM] but their reports had been thrown into the cold storage.

He said that huge efforts and energies were required to prepare the reports of committees so these reports should be implemented pragmatically. “Prime Minister Imran Khan should determine the time period for this Committee, otherwise, this Committee could become a ‘Corporation Committee’, he said.