Dear Imran Khan’s supporters, who are reading this, please try to understand that Imran Khan just wanted to become the Prime Minister. He fooled you, lied to you, emotionally instigated you and injected hate in you. He didn’t know how to run a country and told you he knows everything. During his term he kept crying “Thief! Thief!” while protecting the thieves within, and knowing everything! Imran was never sincere to the cause he claimed because he had no cause. He did all of this just to get to a seat. He tried to become a hero of the Islamic bloc but was never truly able to consolidate it. He tried to use the anti-US narrative only when the US discarded Pakistan. Under Imran’s leadership, we lost Kashmir and all that was done in response was to hang a clock in front of Serena Hotel in Islamabad, as well as changing the name of Kashmir highway to Srinagar highway. Unfortunately, not a single UN session was called to speak on Kashmir.

He collected turncoats and hailed them heroes in front of his supporters; whereas people like Justice Wajih, Akbar S Babar and Hamid Khan who helped him throughout, were lost. Anybody can deliver an emotional speech, but Imran has played on the emotions of the people of this country. The people who trusted him to provide them with Naya Pakistan. He sold his soul; which I doubt he ever had—to the same people who he now calls ‘jaanwar’ (animals). What a mighty fight to get to the PM’s chair! Imran Khan is a narcissist. He wins his support by portraying himself as a messiah to the overseas Pakistanis who know little to nothing about the functioning of the state. As the Prime Minster, he always loved playing the blame game. He would blame the “mafia” for everything, but he himself was protecting those mafia groups to hold onto his seat. He has categorically stated that he ‘does not require anything and has everything’, then why not resign when you’ve lost your numbers? Because he doesn’t want to leave. In Imran’s world—he would enjoy the luxuries of another term and farce of confidence will soar through.

After years of political polarisation in Pakistan, an overdue sense of political maturity is now needed to bring Pakistan out of turmoil. In Imran’s book, everyone is corrupt except him and his players. Pakistan needs mature political parties who know how to handle the political crises that ensue. We need to build back our nation to face crucial challenges like our sinking economy, declaring a climate emergency, having more conversations of growing gender discrimination and disparities; women rights, as well as minority rights. While many might disagree, Imran Khan is all that is wrong with Pakistan today. He divided the people of this country for his own selfish reasons. Imran Khan cheated and made false promises to the youth of this country. He brought in people from the west who have no stakes in Pakistan and will leave this country the second PTI steps down.

I have to confess that when Imran Khan came to power somewhere in my heart, I also thought that he will bring a positive change and eventually as a Pakistani, it will benefit me too. I believed in the lie, because the valour and confidence it was told with made it seem so true. But I realised over time, as did the rest of the country, that Imran’s intentions are not right and that’s why he has become the reason for his own downfall. He has no one else to blame but himself. The people of Pakistan have suffered at the hands of this man for 3.5 years in unbelievable conditions. Now is not the time to be biased because you like Imran Khan, now is the time to think from a political perspective and to see the destructive factors this man is trying to enable. Imran Khan has declared he is bringing people to fight people. He is instigating what could lead to very messy civilian riots. If he is so sure of his position—why doesn’t he resign, re-contest election and reclaim his seat? Because he knows he’s lost all the power. We welcome him to resign and sit in the opposition; maybe he could learn a thing or two about diplomatic politics.

He is not fighting for this country; even if he wins the no confidence motion, which is unlikely—he has lost the plot. What will he do? He should resign gracefully, but the man has no grace. He does not think before speaking, repeats unverified information on national television, accuses respected and seasoned people for wrongdoing without any evidence and the list goes on. His PR team has not slept in 3 years. It’s time for PTI supporters to think without bias, to consider all what he had at his disposal and all he could have to bring the smallest speck of positive change. When thinking of Punjab, he appointed the most incompetent person from his team as the Chief Minister of the biggest province of this country over a mere superstition! There were definitely more competent people to run Punjab but he knew he needed someone who would not cross him, oh well. That is what you get for not choosing people who rightfully deserved the position of CM. All of these acts are a true reflection of his mentality and his intentions. Imran Khan never wanted to improve Pakistan or create those 1 million jobs and housing promised, rather he just wanted to possess power by becoming Prime Minister and calling the opposition thieves. His success is measured by his ‘fan base’ on social media and through overseas Pakistani’s, I think that in itself is a green signal that it’s time for Imran Khan to get packing.