Imran accused of planning Zaman Park’s standoff to get sympathies

Peshawar        -        political experts here on sunday claimed that former prime minister Imran Khan has allegedly orchestrated the Zaman park’s pTI workers-punjab police standoff plot in a bid to get people’s sympathies ahead of the punjab assembly election. “Following announcement of the election schedule for the punjab assembly by election Commission, Imran Khan had allegedly planned the Zaman park’s standoff plot by using pTI workers against punjab police in a bid to raise his dwindling popularity ahead of the polls,” said Ikhtiar wali Khan, pML-N spokesman while talking to app on sunday. he said Imran has used pTI enraged workers including women and children as human shields at Zaman park to avoid his possible arrest and created obstruction in the official work of the punjab police on several occasions. as a result of the provoked aggression of the pTI, he said, scores of policemen and law enforcers including officers were critically injured.

The pTI workers had challenged institutions including police by attacking the law enforcers in Zaman park on a number of occasions, resultantly many cops were hospitalised. he said punjab police has shown maximum restraint and professionalism that averted untoward incidents during Zaman park’s skirmishes despite repeated attacks and hooliganism by the pTI workers. Inspite of thrashing of police, he said that not a single shot has been fired by the law enforcers and precious lives were saved despite pTI workers’ violence that earned bad name for the country. pTI leadership has tried hard to defame punjab government and Lahore police by provoking the law enforcers but completely failed in its negative designs, he said. aNp leader wajid ali Khan said Imran Khan instead of cooperating with police has allegedly motivated his enraged supporters to create obstruction in police official duties at Zaman park.

He said that police had no weapons and ammunition during Zaman park clashes and were hit with petrol bombs, sticks and stones besides slingshots which were highly deplorable on the part of pTI workers. as a result, about 65 policemen and DIG Operations Lahore were injured and admitted to hospital. he highly praised Lahore police for showing great professionalism and maximum restraint despite pTI workers’ provoking attitude. wajid Khan said Imran had used pTI workers, children and women as human shields to avoid his possible arrest after he was charged in various cases and allegedly tried to spread anarchy in the historic city of Lahore. as a result of the irrational approach of the pTI leadership, he said that surrounding areas of Zaman park were converted into dogfight that resulted in disruption of traffic causing great difficulties for hundreds of thousands of people and visitors in Lahore. he said democracy can’t grow in pakistan due to repeated unconstitutional intervention, rigging allegations in elections and chaotic economic situations. wrangling among political forces would serve no purpose rather political unity was required for elections.

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