Inflation in Pakistan  

The issue that hits the people of the whole country is increasing inflation. During the last few months, the prices of essential commodities such as pulses, cereals, oil, spices, sugar, onions, vegetables, and other basic necessities of life have shot up. The steep rise in prices has hit poor and lower-middle-class families. It has become very difficult for people to make ends meet. This rising trend continues unchecked. The main reasons for the price hike are black marketing, hoarding, fall of production, an improper system of distribution, and corruption at all levels.

It is time that our government checks the causes behind ever-increasing prices without any delay. It needs to immediately check black-marketing, hoarding, and profiteering and it should strictly deal with those who are found guilty. In fact, they are the enemies of society. Hence, they deserve to be tackled hard-handedly. Only then the common man can be relieved from the effects of the price rise.



ePaper - Nawaiwaqt