Old age  

One of the most pathetic and heart-wrenching issues which persist and is thriving in our society is that when children marry, they separate from their parents and their priorities change. When all children get married, it becomes a question mark that where parents would live as normally offspring shows an unwillingness to keep parents with themselves which pragmatically pains a lot and depicts a bleak picture of our society.

Consequently, parents start feeling lonely in their own homes and become a stranger as their offspring do not give time to sit with them and discuss their issues of old age or experiences of their life. How selfish today’s offspring has become that they remain connected with parents until a benefit is connected with them and once it is over, they part ways and term it that they have a very busy life and have to give time to their families.

On the contrary, those kids who treat their parents well deserve to witness success in every walk of life, and those who misbehave with parents and do not treat them well, face destruction in this world and hereinafter. So, for the sake of wellness and prosperity, start doing good with your parents as their prayers would take you to the sky and else. Though parents do not curse, destruction would await you in this world and hereinafter. There should be room in the heart for them.



ePaper - Nawaiwaqt