The post-industrial industry era is bombarded with smartphones which are affecting the health of youth, both physically and psychologically. Children with ages ranging from 6-10 years old have always got their hands on their phones which can develop into an addiction as they grow older.

It’s strenuous to live without a smartphone in the 21st century where everything is automated. The dependency of people on their smartphones has reached a level so high it’s daunting. Possible results of an addict losing their phone can be anxiety, depression, mismanagement in life and lack of discipline.

People have become deprived of their consciousness and concentration due to their smartphones. Nowadays, lots of people can be found on different social media apps. People have become de-attached from their families and have stopped devoting their time to their hobbies. The younger generation is not interested in old-school games anymore, exercise and games like hide and seek have lost their value completely. If parents do not allow them to have access to their phones, they might turn out rebellious and become miserable, because that’s all they have known, all they have known is a smartphone and social media and suddenly changing that can result in them becoming suicidal. Smartphones have been proven to increase cybercrime rates, with many students or children committing suicide over online bullying. Three girls have been reported to run away in the last couple of days due to contact with people through their smartphones.

The use of smartphones must be limited and children under the age of 18 should be restricted from certain sites and social media apps. Parents should keep a check on their children and encourage them to go outside and play, and help them engage in activities that require stamina and make them more active.

Dependency on smartphones for news must be discouraged for it spreads misinformation. Proper campaigns should be carried out in order to educate youth about the gravity of the situation and how the use of smartphones could potentially ruin their life.