Cattle farmers sensitized to protect animals against heatwave

MULTAN   -   Livestock Department stressed upon farmers to take special care of animals against the relentless onslaught of severe weather conditions during the current heat wave.

With cattle serving as the backbone of agricultural livelihoods, any oversight in their care could spell devastating losses for farmers as well as farmers across the region.

Deputy Director Livestock Dr Jamshaid Akhtar, reiterated this imperative while engaging with farmers during a “Kissan Livestock Baithak” in Jalalpur Pirwala. Suggesting proactive measures, Dr Akhtar urged farmers to prioritise the construction of shelters or provision of shade to shield animals from the blistering heat. Access to continuous fresh water, available round the clock, emerged as a non-negotiable necessity to mitigate the risks posed by soaring heat waves.

The potential perils of negligence loom large, he said adding, with improper care endangering the lives of vulnerable animals.

Dr Akhtar underscored the heightened vulnerability of pregnant and lactating animals during this heat wave, urging for maximum vigilance in their care.

Exposure to direct sunlight was flagged as a perilous risk factor because sunstroke and heatstroke posed formidable threats to animals’ health, Jamshaid cautioned.

The prescription for optimal nutrition was of vital importance as green fodder supplemented by essential minerals can help fortify animals’ immunity.

Dr Akhtar reiterated the indispensability of a well-balanced diet, proposing its pivotal role in bolstering the resilience of livestock against the adversities of extreme weather.

In addition to dietary precautions, vaccination emerged as a cornerstone in defence against diseases. Dr Akhtar implored farmers to adhere to vaccination schedules, underscoring its important role in safeguarding animal health amidst seasonal ailments.

Beyond individual responsibility, collective action was also deemed imperative in navigating the challenges posed by the heat wave. Dr Akhtar rallied for community cohesion, advocating for mutual support networks among farmers to ensure comprehensive coverage in animal welfare efforts.

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