Contumacious Political Cult

The contumacious and pertinacious style of politics by the PTI and its top-tier leadership has consistently earned a bad reputation. They have often driven wedges of differences and conflicts instead of uniting the nation through necessary reconciliation and mediation.

This was evident during the presidential address by Asif Ali Zardari in parliament when PTI-backed SIC resorted to diatribes and mudslinging. This embarrassing display was even witnessed by foreign ambassadors and diplomats.

It is aptly said, “don’t bite the hand that feeds you,” but the PTI has never learned from its past mistakes. Instead, it continues to pursue a nefarious agenda of sowing seeds of dissent and confrontation within society. Unfortunately, it has furthered the agenda of foreign enemies by unwisely resorting to protests and sit-ins, destabilizing the country on multiple fronts.

It is not coincidental that whenever Pakistan seeks respite from its financial crises, this party impedes progress and financial stability, which is crucial under the current circumstances. The PTI has always undermined the country’s security and stability by employing agitation, causing unbearable financial losses to the national exchequer.

It is important to recall that during the 2014 sit-in at D-Chowk, PTI and its supporters sabotaged the visit of the Chinese president, disrupting the initiation of CPEC projects by creating a law-and-order situation. Similarly, the recent high-profile visit by the Saudi foreign minister and other important ministers was disrupted by irresponsible statements from PTI leaders, a highly condemnable act.

The PTI is self-delusional, considering itself the only savior of the country while refusing to credit rival parties attempting to set the country on a path of correction, progress, and development. Given the PTI leadership’s imbecilic approach and shenanigans, it is pertinent that this party not be allowed to destabilize the country with its nefarious designs. National institutions have shown unprecedented mercy instead of teaching a lesson to its mindless leadership.

After the despicable incidents of May 9, why is this party and its leadership being treated leniently instead of facing stern actions for their wrongdoings? Isn’t it an irrefutable fact that its leaders and supporters inflicted heavy financial losses on security institutions and state buildings on May 9? Isn’t it true that its leadership repeatedly threatened the state with similar intimidation if its top tier was arrested on corruption charges? To the utter shock of the nation, what happened to the culprits arrested after the May 9 mayhem? It is heartbreaking to witness those culprits being released on bail despite substantial incriminating evidence. If this is the justice dispensed in our society, where culprits caught on CCTV are treated with clemency, the future of this country appears grim and gruesome.



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