Every institution should work within constitutional limits: Tarar

 Federal Law Minister Azam Nazir Tarar said that he was hurt by Justice Mohsin Akhtar Kayani’s remarks in the poet missing case.

Referring to the court remarks that if the secretaries could not satisfy, then the prime minister and the entire cabinet would be summoned, the minister clarified that this method was inappropriate.

He said that both sides of the coin should be seen regarding the missing persons. He said that it was the judiciary to pass such harsh remarks.

"Pakistan is facing the challenges including terrorism. Forces have fought against terrorism. This is the time to sit together and take the country forward," Tarar added.

Tarar said every institution should work within its scope. He advised all including politicians, government officials, judiciary should show restraints.

The federal law minister said that the case of poet Ahmed Farhad's disappearance is sub-judice. He said that the impression was being given that there was a conflict between the institutions.

He said that summoning the prime minister and the cabinet would be inappropriate. He said that the judges have their codes of conduct. He questioned if defence officials, the prime minister, and cabinet are summoned to courts and all work will be done in the courtroom, then how will the system work?

Talking about the missing persons case, he said that the problem was four decades old. He said that the forces of Pakistan work only within limits. He said it would be good if a written order was passed.

Azam Nazir Tarar said that it is the main responsibility of the police to find people and present them before the court.

Talking about new legislation on hate speeches spread through social media and the defamation bill, he said the bill was presented before the cabinet. He said that some circles criticised the bill. The prime minister established a special committee, with Rana Sanaullah as convener to look into the issue.

Tarar further said that legislation was passed in many countries regarding social media. He said those who criticise should read the bill once. 

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