Various markets,trade bodies announce support for PIAF in LCCI polls

Lahore   -   The delegation of various traders and industrial associations, especially the paper market and Shah Alam Market, Young Traders Association, Beden Road and other markets visited the PIAF office to show their solidarity with the PIAF in the upcoming Lahore Chambers elections.

The delegation from Paper Market Ganpat Road was led by APMA former chairman Khamis Saeed Butt while the delegation from Young Traders Association of Shah Alam Market was led by Shehzad Aslam and the delegation from Baden Road was led by Tahir Hafeez.

In the meeting the PIAF leadership said that the All Pakistan Paper Merchants Association has always played an important role in the elections of the Lahore Chamber. In the biggest election of the business community of Lahore, PIAF will succeed once again with the support of businessmen and industrialists.

The leadership of PIAF is always active in solving the problems of the business community on all forums and will not spare any effort in the future. For the past years, PIAF Founders Alliance has not lost a single seat. Piaf Founders Alliance this time will win all the seats, but despite this, hard work is necessary for elections.

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