English paper

It is a matter of grave concern and dismay that the paper of English précis and composition was not according to the new syllabus and secondly instead of adopting fair marking approach, a very harsh marking policy was carried out in the paper. Due to this many candidates failed in the paper by just a few marks this has hampered the way of outstanding and talented candidates who would have otherwise secured highest marks.  

The most deserving candidates should not be punished for the mismanagement and failure of the commission for not taking the composition paper as per their own prescribed syllabus. My daughter got more than 736 marks which is remarkable achievement in written portion but failed in the composition paper by 8 marks only. Had she passed this paper, she would have contested for any position in the final results. This unfair approach of the commission has sent a wave of resentment and unrest amongst many aspirant candidates. I therefore, request the chairman FPSC to look into the matter sympathetically and reissue the marks in the 2016 English composition paper so that justice is served being at par with the lawful and rational demand of the candidates. 


Hyderabad, October 16. 

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