Only Turbat survivor reaches home today

SIALKOT - Sixteen years old Haider Ali, the only survivor of the Turbat carnage which claimed 15 youth's lives, will reach home in village Jethikey, Sambrial tehsil here today.

Haider along with his friends Abu Bakar (17) and Majid (16) had left the village for going abroad with the help of human traffickers from Sambrial, Sialkot, Gujrat and Quetta.

The other day, a phone call from the only youth who luckily remained safe in Turbat bloodshed gave unimaginable happiness to his grieved family when they came to know that their beloved son is alive.

Haider remained safe and is probably the only one who remained alive in Turbat-Quetta carnage. He belongs to a poor family. In November start, Haider Ali and his two age-fellows Abu Bakar (17) and Majid (16) in village Jethikey-Sambrial had left their families for going abroad after paying Rs150,000 to 200,000 each to human traffickers.

His father Aslam (65), a labourer by profession, said that the local agents had struck a deal with the families to send three youth abroad after showing them the golden dreams of their lucid future. "The agents said that they had pledged to send Haider Ali to Greece through Turkey via Iran, but they did not honour their commitment," he added. He added, "His family was about in mourning condition after listening to the news of brutal killing of his friends Abu Bakar and Majid ".

He said that last day, he received a telephone call made by Haider Ali and he said that he was alive after the whole tragedy. He said that he had missed his fellows' vehicle when he went to pass urine.

He could not reach to his vehicle which left him. After this, all of his fellows were gunned down by some unknown accused. He told his family that he would soon reach back home, he stated and ended the phone call.

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