Challenges of overpopulation in pakistan

The surge in human resources demands parallel growth in a nation’s population, playing a pivotal role in its economic and social trajectory. In Pakistan, this intricate relationship manifests as both a producer and a consumer of human capital. The consequential strain on resources has rendered the country economically strained. The sheer magnitude of the population impedes the government’s ability to meet the escalating demands for goods, leading to a worrisome imbalance in supply and demand and subsequently, soaring inflation.

To address this conundrum, it is imperative for the government to implement strategic measures. Instituting restrictions on family size is a practical step to mitigate the strain on resources. Encouraging a limit to the number of children per family, perhaps to just two, can pave the way for a more sustainable demographic landscape. Such measures are essential for steering Pakistan away from the brink of overpopulation and fostering a balanced environment for economic and social development. 



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