Chinese experts join hands with local farmers in Lahore to advance hybrid rice varieties

Chinese experts from the Longping South Asia Seed Research and Development Center are teaming up with local farmers on the outskirts of Lahore, Pakistan. Headed by Long Chunjiu, who has dedicated 14 years to the cause, this collaboration aims to cultivate superior hybrid rice varieties that could play a crucial role in addressing food security concerns in the region.

The joint effort involves the transplanting of rice seedlings, a pivotal step in the development of these advanced rice varieties. Long Chunjiu shared his profound aspiration, saying, "My heartfelt wish is to ensure more people have enough to eat." This sentiment underscores the shared commitment to improving agricultural practices and enhancing crop yields.

The collaboration signifies not only a transfer of knowledge and technology but also a shared vision for a more sustainable and food-secure future. The integration of Chinese expertise with local farming practices holds the potential to revolutionize rice cultivation in the area.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt