Crackdown on price gouging and unhygienic conditions in Industrial Area

ISLAMABAD   -   In a swift and decisive crack­down on price gouging and unhygienic conditions, the Magistrate Industrial Area, acting on the directives of the Deputy Commissioner Irfan Nawaz Memon, con­ducted a thorough inspec­tion of various markets and establishments in the Indus­trial Area Sub-Division. The Magistrate’s inspection cov­ered I-8 Markaz, Pakeezah Market, Sangam Market, Mu­ghal Market, and surround­ing areas, where he meticu­lously checked the prices of essential commodities and monitored the overall hy­giene standards maintained by fruits and vegetable vendors, meat and chicken shops, restaurants, general stores, bakeries, and other businesses, ICT spokesman Dr Abdullah Tabasum told APP on Sunday. During the inspection, the magistrate identified two shop owners and managers who were found to be blatantly over­charging customers. These individuals were promptly apprehended and trans­ferred to the police station for further action. The mag­istrate’s actions sent a clear and strong message to all businesses in the industrial area that any attempts to exploit customers through unfair pricing practices or neglect basic hygiene stan­dards will not be tolerated. Moreover, the magistrate also issued stern warnings to other shop owners who were found to be violating the law. These warnings served as a reminder that the authorities are closely monitoring the situation and will not hesitate to take ac­tion against those who fail to comply with the regulations.

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