Repatriation decision

The caretaker government’s initiative to repatriate Afghan nationals from Pakistan, despite facing criticism, is undeniably a positive stride for our nation’s improvement. Their return has the potential to address critical issues, including smuggling, terrorism, overpopulation, and inflation.

Concerns have been raised about job vacancies left by returning Afghans, but the answer lies in our own citizens filling these roles. Interestingly, while our nationals purchase high-cost visas to seek employment abroad, Afghans are doing so without any expense in our country. It’s common knowledge that no country permits illegal foreign workers, and Pakistan should be no exception. 

Pakistan’s stance is not against Afghanistan; historically, it has aided Afghanistan in times of need, such as in 1979. Afghans are welcome to work here, but through legal channels. 

The government should repatriate all immigrants to their respective countries. Subsequently, those wishing to work here can reapply through legal avenues. This approach will not only uphold the law but also contribute to the country’s revenue generation amid challenging economic times. 



ePaper - Nawaiwaqt