Water crisis in North Karachi

I am writing to highlight the severe water shortage affecting the residents of Sector 7D/2 and 7D/3 in North Karachi. The current situation has caused significant difficulties for the residents, as water supply occurs only every 12 to 15 days, falling short of meeting the community’s needs.

The irregular and infrequent supply, occurring as seldom as twice a month, necessitates a fair and transparent distribution system for every residence. Currently, residents are forced to bear the burden of this scarcity by paying Rs. 3,000 per month for water tanker services, suggesting a potential exploitation of the situation for commercial gain.

Despite previous crackdowns on illegal hydrants, the issue persists, and residents continue to suffer. It is imperative that the government ensures proper water supply before closing down hydrants, addressing the root causes of the problem.

To alleviate the immediate burden on residents, it is suggested that a temporary measure be implemented by providing two free water tanker services per month until regular water supply is restored. This would ease the financial strain on the residents during this crisis. We kindly appeal to the Governor of Sindh, Chief Minister, Chief Secretary, Minister for Local Government, Secretary Local Government, and MD-KWSC to personally intervene in this matter. We urge you to instruct the Chief Engineer and related officers to address these complaints promptly, ensuring a fair and regular water supply at least once a week for a minimum of eight hours with reasonable pressure.

Your attention to this matter is crucial in relieving the hardships faced by the residents of Sector 7D/2 and 7D/3 North Karachi. 



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