The ideology of Pakistan

The founding father of Pakistan M. A. Jinnah ideology for the nation was based on Unity Faith Discipline. The meaning of discipline is the Rule of Law, which means social justice for all citizens. Unfortunately, After 70 years Pakistan is home to intolerance and religious violence and extremism, which is damaging the image of our country in the world. Pakistan is being run by criminal mafias, state Institutions have collapsed and rampant corruption is out of control. This is the result of not following Quaid e Azam’s Ideology. For 70 years every military general and politician has been ignoring his guiding principles. 

Every leader that came created a personalized ideology to run Pakistan; General Zia ul Haq used all his power to make Pakistan to a theocratic State. General Zia ul Haq also tried and used all means to convert Pakistan Army into an Army of Islam and destroyed the peaceful fabric of our society. The Army and civilian paid a very heavy price for his ideology. The non-state militant actors created by him, are now so powerful that it is not possible to eliminate them. To put the country in the right direction the only solution is to follow and implement the guiding principles of Quaid e Azam and readopt his Ideology for Pakistan and that is what’s going to make this country a modern progressive Muslim welfare State. 


Lahore Cantt, September 10. 

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