Lakki marwat-District administration Lakki Marwat is taking measures to prevent Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD) in cattle across the district.

In this regard, the Livestock Department of the district has launched a vaccination campaign and the department’s officials on Monday vaccinated a number of cattle against the disease.

Special teams have been constituted, who visited cattle markets besides several other places and conducted spray to avert outbreak of the disease.

The officials opined that livestock was the only source of income for most of the people in the area and spread of the disease could inflict heavy losses for them.

Thus, the district administration has decided to take timely measures to protect the people from possible losses.

Meanwhile, the DC said that strict action would be taken against those shopkeepers who were found involved in overcharging and profiteering.

He has asked shopkeepers to display price lists at prominent places at their shops and sell commodities according to an officially notified price list.