MOHMAND    -    To press the government and law en­forcement agencies for the restoration of peace and tranquillity in the region, hundreds of tribesmen on Monday took out a ‘Peace rally’ from Safi Kha­kh Baazar and marched towards Ghala­nai headquarters, in Mohmand district. 

The demonstrators consisting of tribal elders, political parties activists, students, traders and people from all walks of life marched about 25 kilo­metres from Safi tehsil to Headquar­ters Ghalanai. 

“The government should take con­crete steps against the growing cases of extortion, worsening law and order sit­uations, cases of forced disappearance, target killings, miscreant’s reorgani­zation and unrest in the tribal district Mohmand. Besides, the killers of two brothers who were martyred in Saeed Khan Kor area of tehsil Safi on August 2, should be immediately arrested, the speakers of the Peace march demanded. 

On the occasion, a police contingent was deployed for the protection and security of the peace march. 

According to the details, a peace rally was taken out from Safi Khakh Baazar to 25 km Ghalanai headquarters to fight unrest and restore peace in Mo­hmand district. 

The rally was organized by Safi Grand Jirga. MPA Nisar Mohmand, Presi­dent All Mohmand Political Alliance and JUI-F chief Maulana Arif Haqqa­ni, PTI’s Sajjad Momind, PPP’s Waheed Mohmand, Social Activist Tafsir Mo­mand, Malik Sultan Baizai, Malik Nisar Halimzai, Malik Bakht Poor Safi, Malik Sher Rehman, President of Safi Grand Jirga Zahid Khan Safi, Social Activist Ya­sin Khan of Mohmand Loya Jirga and others said during the speech that they want to restore peace in their area and will not allow anyone to sabotage the peaceful environment of the area again. 

“We want a pen, not a gun,” a youth told in the peace march. 

The speakers demanded the immedi­ate arrest of the unknown killers of two brothers who shot them in the Saeed Khan Kore area of Safi tehsil on 2 Au­gust 2022. 

The demonstrators staged a protest sit-in on the main Peshawar-Bajaur highway in front of Mohmand Rifles Headquarters Ghalanai main gate and shouted slogans for peace. 

Later, they walked to Mohmand Press Club in Ghalanai Baazar. The rally par­ticipants also walked in Darwazgai, Ghazi Beg, and Chanda Bazar and the people warmly welcomed them. 

Meanwhile, a meeting of the Mo­hmand Political alliance was also called in this regard on September 22, in Ghalanai to discuss the whole situa­tion in the tribal district.