LAHORE    -   The rise in the price of flour has aggravated the problems of citizens already reeling under the impact of high inflation with various food items becoming out of the reach of common man. The resultant situation has deprived the poor of their daily bread with reports of flour shortage in dif­ferent parts of the province. Not only is flour avail­able at high prices, but it is non-existent in differ­ent parts of the city, it has been observed. One kilogram of flour is be­ing sold between Rs 116 and Rs 120 in the market as the price of wheat has gone up to Rs 3600 per 40 kg. Flour mill owners say they have increased the price following the sharp rise in the price of wheat and electricity bills. As the shopkeepers raised the price of wheat flour, Assistant Commis­sioner Headquarters Izhar Ul Haq cancelled the li­cense of many flour dealers selling flour at higher rates. But there is no end to the problem as shop­keepers continue to sell the commodity at higher rate citing increase in prices. There’s also a fear that capitalists might try to take advantage of this situation by stockpiling wheat and flour to create a shortage in the market in order to make profits. 

The government seems completely unable to halt this unethical practice. Moreover, at this time when the country is facing flood disasters and people are dying of hunger, it is a matter of great concern that flour prices have surged to such an extent. Speaking to The Nation, Ali Ahmad , a daily wager said: The incompetent government is com­pletely responsible for this storm of inflation. The government is not doing anything to keep down the prices of daily commodities. People are starv­ing and politicians are engaged in political point scoring”, he expressed anger. Another, citizen Muhammad Waris, who runs a tyre shop at Fero­zpur road said that the rising inflation had made it difficult to make both ends meet. “The situation is getting worse day by day and the government doesn’t seem to care at all. Business has already come to a standstill due to rising inflation and now after a hike in electricity bills, food items are becoming out of reach. Think for yourself that at this price of flour, is it possible for a poor man to afford three meals a day”.