ISLAMABAD   -   Speaker National Assembly Raja Per­vaiz Ashraf has asserted that trend of spreading fake news is harmful for social fabric and integrity. 

He said that spreading fake news without verification tantamount to breaching sanctity of individuals and institutions. While talking about effi­cacy of social media, he said that it is incumbent upon youth of the country to use social media plate forums with responsibility and integrity. He ex­pressed these views while addressing the delegation of interns serving in Parliament House. The Speaker Raja Pervaiz Ashraf has outlined the vital role of youth to discourage use of so­cial media as a weapon of spreading negativity and restlessness. Citing malicious and unfounded social me­dia campaigns against one member parliamentary delegation’s visit to at­tend the 65th CPC, the speaker urged upon youth to use social media with utmost care. He advised youth to use their potential for harnessing their potential for making Pakistan a pros­perous and developed country. The Speaker said that youth in the coun­try had all potential and capable of performing in this age of information and technology. Speaker Raja Pervaiz Ashraf pressed upon youth to work hard day and night to make Pakistan more developed and prosperous.