ISLAMABAD   -   UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, yesterday wel­comed the United States’ generous new contribu­tion of US $2 million in humanitarian assistance for flood response efforts in Pakistan. 

This funding will be channelled to areas affected by the monsoon flooding, supporting life-saving activities as well as helping to rebuild commu­nity infrastructure such as schools, hospitals and shelters. The announcement comes as the people of Pakistan continue to grapple with the effects of extreme weather due to climate change, with tor­rential monsoon rains and floods displacing more than 33 million people and causing widespread destruction, damage, and over 1,400 fatalities. Some 81 districts across the country have been af­fected, over half of which host Afghan refugees.

The United States’ contribution demonstrates a continued commitment to solidarity and respon­sibility sharing with Pakistan, among the world’s largest hosts of refugees. “We are pleased to an­nounce two million dollars in humanitarian assis­tance to support UNHCR’s flood response, provid­ing lifesaving items to flood-affected Pakistanis and Afghan refugees in three provinces and helping to rebuild communities,” noted US Ambassador Don­ald Blome. The additional funding from the United States comes on top of the existing US contribution of $33 million for UNHCR’s planned programmes in 2022, aimed at strengthening livelihoods, boosting the capacity of national education and health facili­ties in refugee-hosting communities, and support­ing the pursuit of solutions for refugees.