CM orders inquiry, audit of Qatar Hospital over shortage of medicines

KARACHI-Caretaker Sindh Chief Minister Justice (retd) Maqbool Baqar during his surprise visit to the Sindh government Qatar Hospital ordered an overall inquiry and audit to ascertain the reasons behind the shortage of medicines, off-road ambulances, out of order some Lab machines and unsanitary conditions.
The CM on Tuesday morning paid a surprise visit to the Sindh government Qatar Hospital and went ward to ward, OPD, emergency, pharmacy, pediatric wards, and inspected ambulance.
He expressed his displeasure over the unsanitary condition of various wards where stretchers had dirty stained bed sheets and a stench smell was felt everywhere.
The CM noticed that the patients from two wards were ousted to clean them. Baqar met with the patients and their attendants, and most complained about the non-availability of medicines. He visited the medicine store where he was told that an order to purchase medicines had been placed on August 25, 2023, but delivery was yet to be received. The CM personally checked the purchasing order and talked to the vendor on the phone about the provision of medicines within a week, otherwise, hold him that he [the vendor] would be blacklisted.
A woman met him in the pharmacy and told him she was making trips to the hospital for insulin, but it was unavailable. The chief minister directed the MS to arrange insulin for the woman and report him. The insulin was arranged during his visit. He noticed that some private medical stores were functioning inside the government hospital.
On his inquiry, he was told that the hospital administration had issued them vacation orders, but they had got a stay from the court. The chief minister ordered the health dept to pursue the case and vacate the stay so that their position could be taken over by the hospital. He visited the fleet of ambulances but most of them were out-of-order and off-road. He expressed his displeasure and directed Secretary Health Dr. Mansoor to inquire into the matter and report him.
The chief minister expressed his displeasure over the unhygienic conditions of the hospital, its streets, wards, corridors, machines, pharmacy, and ambulance service and directed the Secretary of Health to conduct an inquiry and report him. He said action must be taken against the delinquent officers.
The chief minister just after the visit to the hospital went to the Orangi Police station where he inspected the FIR register, lock up, 15 service, wireless room, and malkhana and expressed his dismay and disappointment.
He noticed that two heavy motorcycles of the Shaheen Force lying abandoned at the police station. Both the bikes were dirty and out of order.
The chief minister said that the government had given them heavy and costly motorcycles for patrolling, but the police had abandoned them which was unacceptable. When the CM checked the 15 service it was unfunctional and the phone was not working. At this, he expressed his displeasure and directed the DIG West to conduct an inquiry and report him. Baqar visited the wireless service, but its connectivity had some problems. At this, the chief minister asked the SHO how he was getting connected with his force in the field. He also expressed displeasure with the placement of the case property, particularly the bikes which had rusted, broken, and were lying in the shape of heaps of bikes inside the police station.
The chief minister visited the weapon room from where the weapons were issued to the policemen while going in the field. There was no proper logbook, therefore, he directed the police to follow the SOP.

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