Level playing field issue directed to PML-N: Bilawal

PPP chief says it’s unjust to halt projects in Sindh while federal projects continuing n Nawaz should face courts after coming to country n Terms India a rogue state after Sikh leader murder.


LAHORE  -  PPP Chairman and former For­eign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has said that their par­ty’s complaint about provision of a level playing field in the up­coming elections is directly to­wards the PML-N.

“Our call for a level playing field is directed towards the PML-N,” said Bilawal when asked during a media interaction here yesterday to specify the institution or party that denied the PPP a level play­ing field ahead of the elections.

To questions regarding the PPP’s concerns about fair compe­tition in the upcoming polls, the PPP chief stated that the party had entrusted its president Asif Zardari with the responsibility of addressing these concerns. 

He also emphasized that the law clearly outlined the use of development funds, encom­passing federal, provincial, and local budgets. “If projects have received approval and bud­get allocation, they should pro­ceed,” he said. 

He added that it was unjust for budgeted projects in Sindh to be halted while federal proj­ects, including ongoing and new initiatives continued. Bi­lawal noted that the caretak­er government in Punjab had introduced interest-free loans for judges to acquire plots, highlighting the Election Com­mission’s moral, legal, and con­stitutional duty to ensure a level playing field nationwide. He stated, “If there are to be no new or ongoing schemes in Sindh, the same principle should apply elsewhere in the provinces.”

Regarding the election date, Bilawal asserted that the Elec­tion Commission of Pakistan held exclusive authority and responsibility for announcing the election date and schedule, with no room for interference. “Our Central Executive Commit­tee has called for the immediate release of the election schedule and date. While a 90-day delay may not be as concerning, the absence of an election date an­nouncement exacerbates the is­sue,” he added.

Responding to another ques­tion, he refuted the perception of declining support for the PPP, noting that the party continued to welcome new members daily.

Regarding the reopening of NAB cases, he dismissed them as outdated and unsubstantiat­ed, with no bearing on the up­coming elections.

In response to a question, Chairman Bilawal emphasized the importance of a full court hearing of the Practice and Pro­cedure Act 2023 case, given its implications for parliamentary supremacy, in which the court had a vested interest.

Addressing another que­ry, Chairman Bilawal acknowl­edged the common man’s dis­tress over the historic price hike in Pakistan. He emphasized that citizens faced difficult choices, such as sending their children to school, providing healthcare for their elders, or paying utili­ty bills. He emphasized the need for hope and assurance that their votes would be genuinely counted and that their authen­tic representatives would nego­tiate with the IMF to alleviate their burdens. 

Bilawal pointed out that the PPP’s track record demonstrat­ed its ability to achieve this, as it navigated the country through the 2008 global recession. Initia­tives such as the Benazir Income Support Program empowered women, raised salaries and pen­sions, and transformed Pakistan into an exporting nation rath­er than an importer of goods. To a question, he expressed the PPP’s support for Nawaz Shar­if’s return to the country if a date had been set for it and face the courts for his cases. 

In response to another ques­tion, the Chairman PPP high­lighted the global recognition of the sacrifices and contributions of the Mother of Democracy, Begum Nusrat Bhutto, and the late Shaheed Mohtarma Bena­zir Bhutto. He noted that their struggle had advanced wom­en’s empowerment in the coun­try, exemplified by a judge tak­ing his oath with his wife by his side. About the diplomatic con­flict between Canada and In­dia, Bilawal said that India’s al­leged involvement in the killing of a Sikh Canadian citizen was a serious matter and constituted a violation of a NATO member state’s sovereignty. 

The former foreign minister emphasized that India’s actions had placed it under the interna­tional spotlight, particularly in relation to its activities in Kash­mir. He underscored that the ac­cusation made by the Canadi­an government was substantial and warranted extensive media coverage and attention from the foreign office. 

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari point­ed out that Pakistan had pre­viously apprehended Indian spies engaged in acts of terror­ism within its borders, and now, India’s infringement on a NATO member state’s sovereignty raised additional concerns.

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